IV and Oral Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry is a great option for many patients. Dental Anxiety is real and often prevents patients from getting the dental care they need.  This invariably leads to larger and more involved dental problems, which are more difficult to treat, thus contributing to increasing dental anxiety over time.Bella Vista Dental is proud to offer both IV and Oral Sedation.   We perform both types of sedation in our modern state of the art facility.Give us a Call today to find out if Sedation Dentistry is right for you.

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  • Safe and Effective way to eliminate Dental Anxiety
  • Little to No Memory of your Dental Visit
  • Eliminate time away from work by reducing the number of appointments needed to complete your treatment
  • Great option for Patients with Strong Gag Reflex
  • Restore the Health of your Mouth

Dr. John A. Kennedy Jr., DMD

Dr. John A. Kennedy Jr.,DMD
Dr. John A. Kennedy Jr.,DMD
Dr. Kennedy has performed hundreds of IV Sedations for a variety of procedures.

Dr. Kennedy, Your Powdersville Dentist

“I love performing Sedation Dentistry. After having performed hundreds of sedations, I have found Sedation Dentistry to be one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. You can dramatically restore a patient’s confidence and health within a very short amount of time with sedation. Dental Anxiety is a very real thing, however today we have safe and effective options such as IV and Oral Sedation to help patients feel comfortable during their dentistry.”
Dr. Kennedy has obtained significant education that allows him to provide IV and Oral Sedation in a safe way. After dental school Dr. Kennedy completed an additional year of training at a General Practice Residency (GPR) located at Palmetto Health Hospital in Columbia, SC. During this year Dr. Kennedy also completed rotations within the Anesthesia Department at the Dorn VA Hospital in Columbia. The GPR residency provided significant experience treating medically complex patients both in an outpatient clinical setting as well as within the hospital operating room. Substantial clinical experience was gained in many procedures not taught in dental school such as IV Sedation and Dental Implant Placement.Dr. Kennedy has performed hundreds of IV sedation for both routine restorative dental work as well as impacted wisdom teeth removal.
Dr. Kennedy performs both IV and Oral Sedation, however in the majority of his cases he tends to elect IV sedation, as he considers it more predictable.Dr. Kennedy does find that in certain situations Oral Sedation does provide some advantages such as longer duration appointments or in patients with needle aversion.Thinking about Sedation Dentistry? Call us today to schedule your Complementary Sedation Consultation. 864.501.0070
Wondering if you are a candidate for Sedation Dentistry?If fear and dental anxiety are preventing you from maintaining your Oral Health then please contact our office. We would love to assist you in reaching your Oral Health goals in a safe, non-judgmental and comforting environment.Sedation Dentistry may be contraindicated in certain medical conditions, however we find that the majority of our patients are good sedation candidates.
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Sedation Dentistry at Powdersville Family Dentistry

Restore your Oral Health and Your Confidence with No Anxiety.Call us Today to Schedule your Free Sedation Consult
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